Draw Near to God

For something called "Communion", there is a fair amount of discord surrounding it. Some Christian groups limit who can receive the sacrament. Some Christians limit how often they choose to receive it.

In the United Methodist tradition, the teaching is for Christians to receive Communion as often as possible. John Wesley received it at least weekly, sometimes daily. He had no fear of frequency causing Communion to lose meaning or specialness. He was more concerned to use as many opportunities as possible to draw near to God's grace.

Holy Communion is meant to be a way for us to draw near to God and one another. It is significant that Jesus ate with his disciples frequently and in a scene that includes blessing, breaking, and giving bread, the resurrected Christ is revealed (Luke 24:28-32 ).

I hope you will join us Sunday as we break and share bread together, communing with God and one another, and, we pray, having our hearts warmed by Christ's presence.

In the sanctuary, the Reverend Dr. Mike Alexander will be our guest preacher. He is the Senior Pastor of what I refer to as Central's East Campus—Belin UMC in Murrels Inlet—where if half the people from Central who tell me they attend there will attend here on Sunday, Dr. Alexander will feel very much at home. Dr. Alexander is leader in our Annual Conference and is a well-respected preacher. I hope you'll welcome him well.

I will be preaching in The Well, reflecting on Psalm 146 and the call to praise the Lord as long as we live. How is that even possible? We will think about that together.

Join us Sunday.