Following Where Jesus Leads

In the gospel reading yesterday, Jesus went to Samaria but was not received. He carried on. As he traveled, he engaged with three individuals.

One promised to follow Jesus wherever he went. Jesus reminded him that will be challenging, as Jesus didn't have a place to sleep. He was always on the move.

Jesus told another to follow him, but that one felt the need to turn back to bury his father, who may or may not have been dead yet. If his father wasn't dead, there was no telling how long before he'd be "ready" to follow.

The third promised to follow after telling his family goodbye. Jesus wasn't patient-if you turn around, you won't be going in the right direction.

Central's mission starts with following: We recognize that our call is to follow Jesus (by loving God and loving neighbor)

There are many ways we do this. We show hospitality to those the Lord brings among us. We seek to be willing to go where Jesus leads. We try not to be delayed or hampered by our good past, but use it as a foundation from which to build.

You, Central, did these things exceedingly well yesterday. Thank you for celebrating the arrival of pastors Derrick and Kathy and their families. Thank you for recognizing the exciting and good future our ministry has under their leadership. Thank you for showing your warm embrace. Thank you for continuing to follow where our Lord leads.

Thank you,