Our Journey with Jesus

Have you ever thought about what it would have been like to travel with Jesus? I mean, to be one of his followers when he was physically among us, moving from village to village.

In Sunday's gospel reading (Luke 9:51-62), we have Jesus pop into a Samaritan village, rebuke two disciples who wanted to have it destroyed, then move on to another place where he sets high standards for those who would be his disciples.

We get these short glimpses into life with Jesus-we're going into a village of those many consider our enemies, no you cannot call fire on them, now we're going into other areas, yes, to follow me means sacrifice.

If we take these encounters in the larger context of the entire gospel, we realize that when Jesus "set his face to go to Jerusalem," it does not mean he went directly there. Jesus' purpose in going to Jerusalem, to bring salvation, was also realized in Galilee and Jericho and wherever else he went.

Our journeys with Jesus are ways in which he seeks to save us, even through the meandering of our lives.

We began a new journey as a church this week. We will officially welcome our new pastors, the Reverends J. Derrick Cattenhead and Kathy A. Campbell, and their families on Sunday. They'll both be part of the sanctuary services with Derrick preaching. There will also be a welcome reception and "pounding" (our tradition of bringing pantry items, basic household necessities, baked goods, gift cards, etc. to show hospitality) for them on Sunday at 4:00 p.m. in Spears Fellowship Hall.

Thank you for welcoming these two fantastic families into our community of faith.

See you Sunday.