Gratitude and Lament

In yesterday's sermon, I shared a highlight from an episode of OnBeing that I appreciated. There was a lot more to it than the riddle I relayed. If you want to hear the full discussion about implicit bias, go to this website:

It was also Father's Day, so many of us had fathers on our minds. We have all inherited much from our parents or the parental figures in our lives. Most of us have many reasons to be grateful for them.

Did you know that the Methodist Church is credited with developing Father's and Mother's Days? Did you know Central played a large part in the creation of Father's Day? (Okay, not our Central, but it's still interesting. Read here:

I find it interesting that it was an awareness of loss that inspired those early advocates for days honoring fathers. It's really not surprising, though. We have a tendency to take people for granted until they aren't around or the grief of another's loss awakens us to recognize the gifts we have.

Maybe today's prayer should be both gratitude for those we have among us and lament for how implicit biases have kept us from receiving the friendship of others God would like to give us. The more we give thanks for the good people in our lives and open ourselves up to other people made in the image of God, the closer we get to becoming the kind of people we want to be.