We All Face Battles

I am glad to have recently come across the Philo quotation I shared yesterday ("Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle"). I hope I'll remember it today.

Last week I was distracted as I arrived at a traffic light and neglected to put on my left turn signal. The car across the intersection didn't know if I was turning or going straight. I finally realized the problem, put on my signal, and we both turned in opposite directions just a bit later than we would have. A few days later at the same intersection, a similar problem occurred, only this time the car across the way didn't put on his signal until late. If I hadn't remembered my own mistake, I wouldn't have been as patient with the car across the intersection.

That would be an insignificant moment if it didn't remind us that empathy grows in us when we recognize the many mistakes we make and graces we receive. We're all distracted at times and sometimes because of major difficulties in our lives or the lives of those we care about. As Philo knew, we are all either in the midst of a battle or about to face one (often without even realizing it).

The recognition that God is with us as a comfort and guide, if not as one who guarantees every outcome we desire, helps us through the battles we face.

Since all face some battle and God has chosen to be with us in the struggles, being kind to others is one way of witnessing for Christ right where we are.