Do you notice?

In the sermon Sunday I concluded, "If the first step of being amazed is noticing, maybe the first step to amazing Jesus is noticing what he's up to. And if his ongoing work impresses you and your being impressed by that impresses him, we might just get somewhere with this faith thing. We might, one day, be able to say, 'Lord, I believe, that if you say the word, my friend will be healed.'"

That might make more sense if you read or listen to the sermon. Basically, the centurion amazed Jesus by his trust that Jesus could heal his slave with a word. Somehow, the centurion had heard enough to believe that Jesus could do such a thing.

In other words, the centurion noticed what Jesus was up to and was impressed by that and the centurion being aware and believing impressed Jesus.

Be attentive today. Notice where God is at work in nature, in people, in transforming lives, and in healing. Notice what God is doing and give thanks. It will help you trust Jesus to do even more.