Imitate the Trinity

I enjoyed two great services with two great sermons yesterday. It's nice to be part of a church where you can expect good worship.

Rev. Pietila ended his sermon reminding us that while the Trinity is beyond what we can comprehend or explain, it is a model for us. Living in light of the Trinity, we seek to find unity among diversity.

In keeping with our quotations from theologians last week (and corresponding nicely with Rev. Pietila's sermon), I offer this quotation from Christopher Mwoleka (taken from the Christian Believer book of Readings): 

I think we have problems in understanding the Holy Spirit because we approach the mystery from the wrong side. The intellectual side is not the best side to start with. The right approach to the mystery is to imitate the Trinity.

God is not giving us a riddle to solve. He is offering us life. He is telling us, "This is what it means to live, now begin to live as I do."

What is the one and only reason why God revealed this mystery to us if not to stress that life is not life at all unless it is shared?

I am grateful to share life with you.