Most Neglected Person of the Trinity

Pentecost is meant to be one of the top three worship celebrations of the year. If so, it's a distant third. Church leaders blame the congregations-you're afraid of the Holy Spirit, you prefer Mother's Day, you are too busy in May, because Pentecost isn't commercialized, you hardly notice it-or so we tell ourselves.

The facts are many of you thought to dress in red yesterday and speak of the Holy Spirit in appreciative and relational terms. I don't think the laity deserve all the blame.

I look at the decisions church leaders make-any chance General Conference or a Florence district meeting would be held on Christmas Eve or Easter Sunday? Both gatherings occurred yesterday and not a single person wished me a "Happy Pentecost" at the meeting I attended (nor did I think to offer anyone else such a greeting).

I'd like to think that we've come to the point where we are so aware that the Holy Spirit is among us that we don't need intentional reminders, but I know that's not it. It could well be that we're still so confounded by the Spirit that we are hesitant to say too much. It's also that we don't think we can isolate a full day in busy May for celebrating the Holy Spirit among us.

Thankfully, the Holy Spirit is here whether we acknowledge the Spirit's presence or not. We will certainly need the Spirit's presence in busy May.

I'm going to help us continue to think of the Holy Spirit this week by sending bonus Words from Will emails. These will include a few quotations about the most neglected Person of the Trinity. Hopefully they'll keep us "in the Spirit."