It's Time to Arise

Sunday morning we will begin a new year. We like the idea that it represents a fresh start. In some ways it does, but not out of whole cloth. We can't erase 2016. The triumphs and failures, joys and sorrows of last year have in some ways passed, but their effects remain.

Depending on how you feel about 2016, that's either something to add to your New Year's celebrations or another reason to pray about the year to come.

We'd do well to do both. In each of our lives, there are reasons, many reasons, to give thanks for the year behind. There are also reasons to lament some of what the past year included.

In all of it, God was with us, and that is always cause for thanks and praise, which we will do together on Sunday.

Our (one) worship service this Sunday will be in The Well (Davis Christian Life Center) at 10:00 am.  If you've never been to The Well, take this opportunity to experience this meaningful service. Many people have been surprised at how much they get out of it.

Worshiping together is a good way to start the new year. As Isaiah 60:1-6 reminds us, it's time to "Arise, shine; for your light has come." Since the Light has entered our darkness, drawn wise men (and dull), kings and paupers, and you and me to him, let's gather in his honor Sunday.