Comforting Yet Alarming

There may be no scripture more familiar to us than Luke 2:1-20. It is one of the few read annually and during one of the most highly attended services. For those who don't hear it on Christmas Eve, Linus gives his reading every year on television. It's as familiar and comforting as a fire burning in front of Christmas tree.

Oh, wait. If we pay attention those familiar scenes can be alarming - a live fire near a tree 4-6 weeks removed from the earth, a teenager's 9-day journey from her home, about to deliver a child, and unable to find a room for the night.

The images we're surrounded by these days bring us comfort, as they should. They should also awaken us to the risky and great lengths to which God is willing to go to know our deepest struggles and bring us full salvation.

Join us Christmas Eve (4:00 and 6:00 pm) as we remember this familiar love story, sing hopeful carols, share in Communion, and experience the joy of God's grace.

Worship with us Christmas morning when the celebration continues. We'll have one service at 10:00 am in the sanctuary. It will include additional carols and a short reflection from each pastor. There will be no Sunday School this week and casual dress is perfectly fine.

Joy to the world,