The Time You Spend Changing the Clocks

My grandfather used to joke that the hour we gain when Daylight Saving Time ends is spent changing all the clocks. Maybe we can use the time we spend changing the clocks reflecting on the passing of time. As you turn your clock back an hour this Saturday night, consider that we don't have that option with the actual hours we have left.
Now, you might argue that some healthy lifestyle improvements can "add years" to your life and I'll concede that unhealthy ones can reduce our lifespans, but the literal remaining hours is beside the point. The point is your hours are limited. What will you do with them?
Sunday is All Saints' Sunday, a celebration of God's mercy in sharing his saints with us and for receiving them into an eternity that is beyond the constraints of time.
The mercy found in Jesus' death and resurrection fills us with hope for our own, but even before those events Jesus spoke of the resurrection (Luke 20:27-38). We'll consider his words in the sanctuary worship services this Sunday.
We don't know exactly what eternity will be like, but we are confident that worshipping God is a continuity between this life and the life to come. The scriptures indicate that at least part of what eternity is about is giving God praise. It's good to practice praising now and The Well is a good service in which to do so. The scripture for The Well this Sunday will be Psalm 145:1-5, 17-21.
As you think about what to do with your hours, I hope you'll include in that setting your clocks and joining us in praising God Sunday.