A Holy Distraction

Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you're continuing to find reasons to give thanks. If, however, you find yourself looking for a break from family or food or shopping, the church is here to help. No one can fault you for reading an email from your pastor right now. Tell them it's for your spiritual benefit, then keep it open for as long as you need in order to have a break.

We all need breaks, that's why God commanded us to honor the Sabbath. What break do you need today? From what do you need space?

Paul knew Jesus' disciples needed a break. For some of them it was from persecution, for others it was from distraction and apathy. Some were attacked for believing in Jesus. Some were given so many choices that Jesus became one more "thing" in their lives.

Paul, like Jesus, called them to wake up, to live as though it was the brightness of Jesus' kingdom, even as they were still enduring the darkness of the night. Whether suffering from persecution, from distraction, or from apathy, the darkness can overtake us.

Advent is a good time to recognize the dawn that is upon us; it's a good time to wake up.

I hope you'll use the inter-generational Advent Workshop this Sunday at 10:00 am in Spears to help you make the most of Advent. It's been well-planned and will be worth the time you invest there.

Our worship should help get Advent started well, too. In the sanctuary, we'll consider Paul's teaching (Romans 13:11-14) about living as though it's the day. In The Well, the feast will continue as Hank Leeke shares a message based on John 2:1-11.

Okay, now that you've read those passages, thought about persecution and apathy, allowed yourself a holy distraction, and taken a deep breath, you're ready. Go enjoy another store, a slice of pecan pie, or one more of Uncle Joe's tales.

See you Sunday,