What You Miss When You Are Absent

Being away with my family this past weekend, I return to Central curious about what Reverends Cattenhead and Pietila had to say yesterday in the services. You might think that's because I want to know what I have to clean up. It's not that-I trust those men. It just feels strange to not know how the gospel was proclaimed in our faith community. 

I hope you want to know what went on when you're not at Central. I hope you're wondering, "What is my church family up to that I'm missing today," whenever you are forced or choose to miss.

We're in this together as we try to grow in understanding, service, and faithfulness as a body. When we miss, we miss the gift of song that many have worked to prepare and that communicates the faith in a deep and meaningful way. We miss the conversations shared in hallways or classrooms, those moments when people let one another know the challenges, joys, questions, and beliefs of their lives. We miss the words read, gospel proclaimed, and prayers prayed. 

Fortunately for us, when we miss, sermon recordings and texts are available for us, simply by clicking here. Unfortunately for us, we can't recreate a full worship experience over a computer, and it wasn't as full a worship experience as it would have been had we been part of it.

It's not a bad thing to miss from time to time, but I hope our misses are infrequent enough that our week seems strange when we do miss. I hope we'll wonder what we missed enough to want to be there next time. I hope we'll recognize that our absence was detrimental to everyone's experience, including ours. I hope we'll be back together next time.