Artwork in You

The stewardship packets are making their way around. Some have already been returned to the church. Thank you for participating.

As we were thinking about stewardship in worship again yesterday, I shared a story with those in The Well.

While washing my car Friday, I thought about the relationship many of us have with cars, these inanimate objects that become so much more to us. Some people name their cars. Many of us miss them when they're gone.

My first car was a 1984 Buick Electra. I received it when my grandfather died and it helped me get around during high school and college. There were thousands of similar cars, but I don't miss them. I miss the one I drove because of who it came from and because of spending so much time in it - driving it and washing it.

It wasn't the coolest car on campus, so I kept it immaculate. My sister said I'd wash the paint off it I washed it so often. It was just a car, but it became so much more than that because of the time we shared.

We have a new pulpit in The Well now. It was dedicated yesterday. It won't ever be "just a pulpit" because of its unique beauty. Johnny Tanner made it off a single dogwood tree from their yard and vines he added to it. The picture will give you an idea. You need to see it in person to really appreciate the beauty. The area where the preacher will put our sermons is a painting - a reminder of the light we're being pointed toward and toward which we're trying to point others.

It won't be "just a pulpit" for any of us, but especially not for Johnny. He knows the time he put into it, but also the way the art called out to him. There is always a bond between the artist and the artwork because of what they shared together.

God, the Artist, has in us artwork. He doesn't want to miss us like we might cars. He wants to continue to share life with us and help us fulfill our purposes for him. He wants us to be pointed toward the Light that we might point others there, too. Stewardship is a reminder to put to good use what God has given us: our time, talent, and treasure. Stewardship is a reminder that time and resources invested lead to greater relationships and greater expressions of faith.