Joy from Abnormality

We are "getting back to normal." School is back in session. Roads are (mostly) clear. People have electricity and can take warm showers. What else does "normal" mean to you?

Many of us have noted how parts or our abnormal week were enjoyable. We had more conversations with neighbors than ever. We met people we had previously barely noticed. We helped and we're helped readily. There was more time for family games and reading and sleeping and quiet.

My children were frustrated that we sent them to Charlotte for several days of the storm and aftermath. They felt they were missing something, what with all the power and water that Charlotte enjoyed. When they came back and had some time with friends and family before the electricity came back on; they felt justified in their frustration. They said they really enjoyed the time playing with friends without screens involved. When the power came back on I reminded them that they can still live as though it's off. We could live differently having learned benefits from having been forced to live differently.

One of the questions we have after the storm is how will we live differently. A question we have as followers of Jesus is how does discipleship cause us to live differently.

We could all spend more time thinking about what is good and not so good about "getting back to normal." Some abnormality is worth pursuing!