Seeking the Welfare of Our City

This Sunday’s services should be especially good. We’ve had another week to prepare and we’re all in need of gathering to praise God. In fact, feel free to take in two and give double to make up for last week!

As I’ve had another week to reflect on Jeremiah 29:7 (“Seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you into exile, and pray to the Lord on its behalf, for in its welfare you will find your welfare”), I’m grateful for you all who are doing just that.

I’ve had people emailing me to say, “Sign me up - I’ll help support the utility line workers while they’re helping Florence” and “Identify the scope and time frame (for assisting persons in our community who cannot remove debris from their yards) and our church will respond” and “Here I am. Send me!” and “Let’s open our facility and offer dinner to give people a place to charge their phones, have a cup of coffee, take a break from the clean-up, and enjoy warm food.” Plenty of our members have been out helping others from the Central family and the community at large. I know Central is seeking the welfare of our city.

So, a brief update on the above opportunities:

We had a few people take us up on respite in The Commons and several kind people who hosted. 

After a few conversations with a Duke Energy leader, they are very grateful for our offer to help the utility line workers. Other churches have offered, too. While appreciative of the offer, it’s very complicated to pull anything off because of the shifting schedules and constant, uninterrupted work they are providing. It is clear that the best we can do is to individually thank those who are taking a break and put our collective energy toward helping local citizens with debris on their property.

I hope you’ll be able to help us remove debris from the homes of persons who aren’t able to do so themselves. We will meet in the Irby Street parking lot this Saturday (Oct. 15) at 8:00 a.m. and go as directed. Any of these supplies would be helpful: gloves, rakes, yard trash bags, loppers, handsaws, and chainsaws (for those who are experienced using them). For those with trailers, please pull them, too. This will be a great gift to members of our community; a real indication that we are seeking the welfare of our city.

Sunday’s worship services will be a good time to regroup after eight trying, tiring, and inspiring days.

Please join us Saturday in service and Sunday in worship.