Keep Growing in the Knowledge and Love of God

This will be my last Words from Will for a while. This Sunday is my last scheduled Sunday to preach at Central, then I’ll have a break before starting at Belin Memorial UMC in Murrells Inlet on July 14. I’ll likely resume Words from Will after that. I don’t know whether Rev. Thomas Smith will do something similar to Words from Will or not, but I know he’ll communicate with you in meaningful ways. Thomas is wise, witty, and warm. He’s a bright and caring person. However he communicates, be it via email, Twitter, pulpit, or in person, you’ll want to receive it.

Words from Will began as a way to help people prepare for Sunday’s worship services (the Friday email) and reflect on them (the Monday email). From time to time they’ve been focused on a particular topic or related to events beyond that week’s worship service, but, mostly, they’ve stayed true to their original intent. Even without them, you can stay true to their original intent by anticipating that God’s spirit will be present and active in the worship services, by praying that you and everyone will come ready to give and receive, by reading the scriptures, and, if you really want to be prepared, by reading and reflecting on the lines of the hymns. The more you do before Sunday, the better Sunday will be for you. Monday, too, for that matter.

For this Sunday, which is Pentecost Sunday, you can read John 14:8-1725-27and Acts 2:1-21. You can think about the gift of the Holy Spirit and the gifts we receive from one another because of the Holy Spirit. We’ll celebrate one of those gifts Sunday afternoon (3 PM in the Spears Fellowship Hall) as we honor the ordination of Reverend Meg Bryce Jiunnies. Please plan to come and congratulate Meg on this significant event in her life and in the life of the church.

Let me close with a brief word of thanks. I have found these Words from Will to be a good outlet. They’ve helped me think about God, scripture, theology, you, and society. Some have been written very hastily, some after much reflection, often they’ve felt like a note from me to you. You’ve been gracious to read them and, on occasion, to comment back. Knowing you were reading them and finding some value in them was enough to keep me writing. I’m grateful you’ve been willing to listen to sermons on Sunday and read reflections on Friday and Monday. Most of all, I’m grateful we all have sought to grow in knowledge and love of God. May we never stop.

With much appreciation and affection,

Rev. Will F. Malambri III