Finding Jesus this Easter

The men dressed in “dazzling clothes” asked a guiding question, “Why do you look for the living among the dead?,” but did not give guidance as to where to find the risen Christ. If Jesus wasn’t among the dead, where would the disciples find him? In Luke’s Easter story (Luke 24:1-12), they aren’t told, so, naturally, they return to the others with their incredible and perplexing news. Peter tried to sort it out himself, but he, too, came back with no instructions about where to find Jesus.

Luke’s next scene gives us a clue: Luke 24:13-35 depict forlorn disciples being joined by an unknown traveler who, after they reveal their grief, reminds them of God’s ongoing work of salvation, finally revealing himself to be Jesus in the breaking of the bread. Luke 24:36-49 has Jesus appear among a group of gathered disciples, offer his peace, and commission them to witness to him. In both cases the disciples’ bewilderment was met by a Jesus who came to them. It’s only after Jesus and the Holy Spirit came to the disciples (Acts 2) that they began to go out for Jesus.

Thankfully we’re not waiting for the Holy Spirit to arrive among us and we, with Easter joy, don’t have to wander around bewildered. Instead, we find the Jesus who has already found us by doing what those first disciples did. We talk about him, talk with him, receive Holy Communion, receive and offer his peace, and witness to our Lord and Savior. We celebrate the resurrection with and for the Living One. 

The peace and joy of the Risen Christ be with you.