Here Comes Holy Week

We have one more week of Lent this year. I confess that I have not been as intentional about my Lenten devotional life as I have in previous years. Contrary to Martin Luther’s statement, “I have too much to do today to only pray for one hour; I’ll pray for two,” I have let the busyness of these days truncate what should have mattered most. My last hope is Holy Week. I commit to you that I will take some time in Central’s well-designed Lenten Spiritual Center next week. (This year it is divided into two spaces. Most stations are in room 164 off The Commons and the labyrinth is upstairs in the Children’s Assembly Room). If you are also feeling like this Lent got away from you this year, I encourage you to make some time in those spaces, too.

We can all benefit from added focus on our faith and devotional life this week, beginning this Sunday, which is Palm and Passion Sunday. Jesus’ triumphal entry will be the main focus, using Luke 19:28-40 as our gospel reading. By the end of the service, the mood will shift from celebratory parade to recognizing where this parade leads. Throughout the week, special services (Maundy Thursday at 7, Good Friday at noon) will pay tribute to where the parade led – to our greatest source of hope: the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Like those celebrating Jesus’ entrance into Jerusalem some 2000 years ago, we will have a variety of emotions on Sunday. The Spring Picnic and Easter Egg hunt will be great fun. (It will start at 12:30 PM Sunday, April 14 in Brooks McCall Park 2001 Mechanicsville Rd., weather-permitting or in Central’s Davis Center if it’s too wet. We’ll let you know Sunday morning.) Lots of activities are planned, the food will be good, and it’s important for our congregation to share in events like this. The picnic will be more Palm Sunday than Passion Sunday, for sure, which is all the more reason to make plans to attend Thursday’s and Friday’s services. 

We have our most important week ahead. Don’t let it slip by unattended to.