Let Jesus’ Agenda Infiltrate Yours

By this point in the day, you have a good idea what’s before you. You might have even glanced ahead a few days to see what’s coming next. You know your agenda. Included in it, I hope, are ways to join Jesus in his. 

Jesus cast out demons and performed cures (Luke 13:31-35), then completed his work on the third day. Even so, not all evil has been cast out and there’s plenty of curing left to be done. We can point to the eternal hope we celebrate because Jesus completed his work on the third day. It’s that hope that keeps us working toward a more faithful and just community and has us point others toward Jesus and the healing he continues to do. 

So whatever it is that’s on your agenda today, tomorrow, and the third day, don’t forget that the choices you make, the things you say, the way you live, your work life, home life, play life are all ways that Jesus’ agenda can be accomplished. You can help people experience love and grace and wholeness wherever you are today. Let Jesus’ agenda infiltrate yours.