Adjusting Our Plans

We usually keep our decorations up for Christmas through January 6th. We’re so busy in Advent that we need the 12 days of Christmas to exhale and enjoy what we worked so hard to prepare. We’ll do that with many of our decorations this year, but not our tree. It expired on January 1st – too dry. 

You don’t have to have a Christmas tree or even decorations out to celebrate the Christmas season, but it was a reminder that sometimes the thing that seems “right” in theory gets interrupted by other realities. It was certainly more correct to get that tree out of the house before it disintegrated or worse right before our eyes. We had to adjust.

I don’t know what the wise men were looking for when the star interrupted their plans. Maybe their life’s quest was to follow a star to a baby born in a small town to un-royal parents who would turn out to be King and Lord and sacrifice, but my guess is they were looking for something else when their epiphany occurred. Thankfully, they were willing to adjust their plans to follow God’s lead. 

I pray we are. Here’s a resolution not just for the year, but for our lifetimes: to follow God’s lead, even when it means adjusting our plans. We do that by finding our way to Jesus (Matthew 2:1-12), honoring him with our devotion, learning and practicing his ways, and returning to him regularly. Ephesians 3:1-12 reminds us we have access to God. The wise among us aren’t satisfied with just having access – they actually use it. 

Be wise in 2019.