With Jesus

You’re a third of the way through the day when this arrives in your inbox. Enough into the day to have an idea of how you’re feeling and where things are going, but not so far that you can’t make adjustments. How are you being with Jesus today? If you don’t have an expensive jar of perfume (John 12:1-8) to use to anoint him or those who represent him (Matthew 25:31-46) today, how else might you be with him?

Mary’s devotion to Jesus didn’t end when her jar was empty. That was an astonishing display of her adoration, but if it ended there it might have been more about her than Jesus. Our musicians’ beautiful offerings in worship yesterday represent our adoration of God and help connect us to the holy. But today most of them aren’t offering music to God on behalf of others. Most are up to other important acts today.

Sunday’s meaningful worship doesn’t diminish our need to be intentional about time with God on Monday. Here are some ways you might do that, which, I hope, will help you consider your own:

1.) Set a timer for five minutes and share with Jesus what’s on your mind – the joy and sorrows you have and know about, the pressures you’re feeling, the sickness you’re aware of, the decisions you or others are facing, the state of the church, town, state, country, and world, leaders, etc. Then, set the timer for two minutes and try to listen. It would help to have a notepad and pen nearby to write down the things that come into your mind. This helps make space to hear. Whatever it is, from a grocery list item to a task you need to accomplish, write it down, then return to listening. Do this enough and you may realize you need – and want – more time for sharing and listening.

2.) Read a psalm several times. The first reading is to help you get a feel for it, what’s happening in the psalm, what’s the overall mood. Read it again, more slowly, to see what words pop out of it for you. Read it again and see if a phrase keeps sticking with you. If so, chant that phrase 10 or more times, letting God speak to your mind and spirit through it. Psalm 46 is a good psalm for this.

3.) Check in with someone, either as an encouragement or out of concern. Make it clear that you care about them. 

4.) See if someone needs the kind of help you are able to provide. You have skills and resources that can assist others. What are they and who needs them? How will you connect with Jesus by connecting with one of his children today?

There are plenty of other ways to be with God. Find what is right for you and engage.