Labor Day

I hope this interruption into your Labor Day activity (or inactivity) will help you to enjoy today even more. 

Labor Day, which we take for granted, is a fairly radical idea. Look up its history and learn why it was needed (it wasn’t uncommon for workers to work 12 hours/day, 7 days/week and some of those workers were 5 or 6 years old) and the steps the labor unions had to go through to get us this day off.

Labor Day is for the national secular work force what the Sabbath is for people of the Bible. It’s a day to remember that we are more than what we can produce. If our only value is found in what we can make, including money for others or ourselves, then Labor Day, Sabbath, and any other break from work is nonsensical. We should eat and sleep just enough to have the necessary energy to keep working and producing. Today is our annual reminder that we’re much more than that. Sundays should be our weekly reminder of the same.

If you want work and have it (despite its imperfections), that is a reason to give thanks. If you’re in a position to not have to have a job and that suits you, another reason to give thanks. But, no matter what your employment status, you are of far greater value than simply what you can produce or do. You have a mind, soul, and body that are designed to think, worship, and serve. AND, you’re created in the image of the God who rested on the 7th Day and finds joy in creation and cares what his beloved is interested in.

Do something you want to today. Be with those you want to be with. Sit for longer than you typically allow yourself and ponder the ocean or sky. Be active in a way that you find enjoyable. Pray. Stay off work email and reduce your social media time. Let today be a reminder of what Sabbath is supposed to be, a training time for the Sabbath that God wants you to enjoy each week.

Happy Labor Day.