Hurricane Florence

The Words from Will are usually written the day of or the day before they are published. The exceptions to that are when I’m away for a period of time or when the weather threatens to make publishing them difficult. I want you to know that in case this email comes out in the aftermath of a destructive Hurricane Frances. As I write this on Tuesday, I have no idea if Friday will be beautiful with everyone enjoying electricity and the start of a nice weekend or a mess with trees down and flooded areas and power outages.

The likeliest scenario is that some people within driving distance of our church are having a normal Friday and others within driving distance are in a difficult mess.

Our proactive District Superintendent surveyed the Florence churches to see who could help with potential evacuations and emergency response teams. My response was basically, “If we’re not in need of help, then we’ll be able to help.” I don’t mean that to sound curt, but as our basic position. As a matter of discipleship, we aim to be ready to help others and receive help from others, whichever life dictates. I think that corresponds with what Jesus was talking about in this coming Sunday’s gospel lesson: Mark 8:27-38. My experience with Central is that corresponds to the impulse of our church.

If you received this and need help, please call the pastoral emergency number: 843-662-3206. If you received this and are able to help, please check on older and vulnerable church members and neighbors. Please also occasionally check the church's Facebook page or the church’s website ( to see if any requests for assistance are posted.

Be well and be helpful.