Seasons and Lives Change

The cool morning we are enjoying is a reminder that life is in a state of flux. Our lives, like seasons, change regularly. You’re looking at a change right now and you’ll be looking at another on Sunday.

The design changes you’ve seen this week in our Words from Will, Daily Scripture Readings, e-news format, and website were made with aesthetics and communication strategies in mind. We are fortunate to have a talented Communications Director, Leigh Ann Shelley, guiding us through these changes.

The change you’ll see Sunday (if you worship in the sanctuary) will be our preacher. Our new District Superintendent, the Reverend Terry Fleming, and his wife Carla will be in the sanctuary services this weekend, with Terry preaching. I have known Terry for years as we have served in the same sub-committee of the Board of Ordained Ministry. I know Terry to be engaging, kind, just, committed, intelligent, and invested. He will lead us well. I hope you’ll take the opportunity to meet Rev. Fleming Sunday.

Rev. Fleming selected a scripture that reminds us of something that never changes – the need for unity. From the first, the Christian Church has aspired to be united in Christ (see the text for Sunday: Ephesians 4:1-16). We haven’t always achieved it, but we’ve never let go of that goal.

Another unchanging attribute of people of faith is the need to praise. It’s in our essence to marvel at and exclaim about God and the invitation to praise is less “Don’t you think you should?” and more “Now is the time – let’s praise.” Psalm 148, what we’ll read together in The Well on Sunday, is a beautiful call for all of creation to express our adoration to God.

Join us Sunday as we seek to be more unified in Christ and praise God together.