Happy New Year!

The following is a prayer from The United Methodist Book of Worship (#294). It’s intended use is New Year’s Eve or New Year’s. Sometime in the next 24 hours (now is a perfectly fine time to do it!), make space to pray the prayer attentively. Rather than just reading the words or saying them aloud, pause on them – what are your new desires? What are your old fears? Etc. Let them lead you into reflecting on the good and bad of the year behind you and on what you hope to make of the year ahead. Reflect on God who is in the midst of all of it and will continue to be. Let the prayer lead you into prayers of your own. 

Creative God, you make all things new in heaven and on earth.

We come to you in a new year with new desires and old fears, new decisions and old controversies, new dreams and old weaknesses.

Because you are a God of hope, we know that you create all the possibilities of the future.

Because you are a God of love, we know that you accept all the mistakes of the past.

Because you are the God of our faith, we enter your gates with thanksgiving and praise, we come into your presence with gladness and a joyful noise, and we serve and bless you. Amen.

I’m very grateful to have been part of your church’s ministry in the year past and look forward to seeing what God will do with us in the year ahead. Happy New Year!