Light of the World

This Christmas Eve, as we do most every year, we will hear Luke 2:1-20. It’s the familiar story of Jesus’ birth and the shepherds arriving after the angel’s announcement. It’s what expect to hear on Christmas Eve. 

Near the end of the service, we will do something that’s become expectation: we will light and raise our candles. That’s in keeping with the Christmas Day scripture: John 1:1-14. We stand firm on the promise of John 1:5 – The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it.

It may be imperceptible to you today, but the days are getting longer; the darkness did not win, yet again. That’s an annual natural grace. A supernatural grace that can feel imperceptible at times is that despite the darkness we key in on, the Light of the world will not be overwhelmed, will not be defeated, will not let us descend into darkness.

Let’s sing to that in our service this afternoon at 4 (arrive early!) or this evening at 6. Let’s recognize that in the joy of gathering with loved ones. Let’s honor that with lives that reflect the Light of the world. Let’s cling to it until it becomes our expectation because there’s nothing more hopeful than our God being willing to draw near to us, offering salvation to an at-times dark world desperate for Light.