The Meaning of These Days

As a church this weekend we hosted the Parking Lot Mission and fed warm breakfasts to financially-poor neighbors, helped 48 children in Florence County receive beds and bedding of their own, were led in worship by children of God from ages 4-84, and invited the community to hear the story of God’s love while joining us in supporting The CARE House of the Pee Dee. It was a good weekend of sharing what God has provided us (Luke 3:10-11) and honoring the God who gives us far more than we can ever give in return.

I’m thankful for a weekend of ministry like we’ve just had, for the many who led and participated to bring these things together, and that a version of each of these things happens throughout the year, not just in December. As a church we continue to look for ways to follow Jesus, to put his words into action, whether others notice or not. We also seek to do that as individuals. 

Someone told me after yesterday’s sermon that what I was driving at reminded him of his definition of integrity: doing what’s right, whether someone else is watching or not. As individuals and as a church, that’s our intention.

A final thought on intention, these last busy days before Christmas. With longs lists of things to do and compressed time to accomplish them, it may feel too indulgent to sit and focus on the text of a Christmas carol or read a story or two with a child or revisit the first two chapters of Luke and Matthew. We put these lower on our to-do list at our own peril. We risk missing the very reason all the other has appeared. Even in the busyness of these days, give God the opportunity to interrupt your life with the meaning of these days.