"Rejoice Jesus' Heart"

I don’t think enough about what would “rejoice Jesus’ heart.” I have the ratio out of balance – I think too much about what would bring me joy and not enough about what would bring Jesus joy. The Bidding Prayer tells us that our concern for God’s world, God’s people, for peace and goodwill on earth, and for love and unity in the church brings Jesus joy. We don’t have time to do this during The Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols on Sunday, but you do today: rather than this bidding prayer only remind you of these concerns that are dear to Jesus’ heart, give some time to praying for them. Put names and faces, particular situations, elements of this creation Jesus so loves in your prayer. Rejoice Jesus’ heart today.

But first, because this of all things would rejoice Jesus’ heart,
let us pray to him for the needs of the whole world, and all his people;
for peace upon the earth he came to save;
for love and unity within the one Church he did build;
for goodwill among all peoples.