Glad with Praise

The Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols Bidding Prayer continues:

Therefore let us hear again from Holy Scripture
the tale of the loving purposes of God from the first days of our sin
until the glorious redemption brought us by this holy Child;
and let us make this house of prayer glad with our carols of praise.

There is no service that can cover the breadth of God’s salvation history, but the Festival of Lessons and Carols comes as close as any I know. We will travel from the fall in Genesis through Isaiah’s prophecies and into birth and incarnation narratives of the gospels. The readings will be paired with carols sung by the congregation and others offered by the choir. The result will be a house of prayer made glad with praise. It’s a praise we can hardly help but offer when we consider the sin that has infected our lives and this world and the God who remains determined to redeem, even to the point of coming to us as a child.