Grace through Tragedy

Florence. Pittsburgh. Tallahassee. Thousand Oaks. And those are just the cities I can recall from the past month. Devastatingly, Thousand Oaks was the 307th mass shooting of 2018 and it occurred on the 311th day of the year. Each city will have a painful scar that comes from such events. Each city, as Florence has experienced, will also have the grace of coming together and holding one another up through tragedy.

I don’t know what the disturbed shooters hope will come from their deranged actions. If it’s tearing us apart, they’re failing. Where we cannot fail is to become numb to the tragedies simply because of their frequency. And we, as a nation, cannot fail to explore a variety of ways to heal this cancer among us.

There are other societal cancers to which we could become numb. Widows always have been at risk of falling into poverty and of being exploited. One of the reasons God continually raises widows, orphans, and strangers/foreigners as people we’re to care for is because they frequently have been mistreated or left without care.

Widows come up in three of our lessons for this Sunday (Mark 12:38-44 – which will be read in The Well and the sanctuary, Ruth 3:1-5, 4:13-17, and Psalm 146). We can easily extrapolate from those readings that God’s concern remains for the vulnerable and those in need. And, as always, if something is God’s concern than it is ours, too.

Bring your concerns and your desire to join God in meeting his to worship Sunday. See you then.