The Joys of Yesterday

It takes a vital church to have a day like we had yesterday. Any morning that leaves you reflecting on how bright the future is because of how bright the present is, including how impressive are our children, is a good morning. Any evening that has children telling parents, “That was fun” and asking “Can we do that again next year?” and adults have side conversations about “When we do this next time…” is a good evening for the church.

Despite all the work – and there was a lot of work before and throughout yesterday – that went into the Fall Fair/C-Unity Event at Timrod, the only complaint I heard was that people wanted it to last longer and were disappointed to not have more time for all the different activities. That’s an indication of how well things come together. There were natural conversations happening among church members who don’t see each other often enough, between church members of Cumberland and Central, and between members and non-members. It was a joy to be part of.

The morning was, too. The children led us very well and all morning long we were reminded of the many ways that being part of Central Church makes us happy. Lily Merzlak and Sally Malambri gave stewardship witnesses that both inspired our own reflections about the many ways Central makes us happy and encouraged to deepen our involvement and service. You can hear those by visiting the Stewardship page on our website. The recordings will be posted this afternoon.

Thank you to all who were willing to plan, prepare, lead, roll up your sleeves and carry, show up and connect, or be part of yesterday’s worship and fellowship in some other way. We’re a better church every time we have a day like yesterday. It makes me happy to be part of a church like ours.