Prayers & Presence

This Sunday begins a three-week series on Stewardship. This is a time of the year when added emphasis is given to stewardship. I hesitate to call it “Stewardship Season” in case that implies other seasons when stewardship is not a focal point. Can you imagine if we said it’s “Discipleship Season” and meant that the rest of the year we aren’t interested in discipleship? Every day, disciples are called to be stewards – caretakers of that which God has shared with us.

Our three-week series will lift up the 5 minimum expectations we have for members: prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness. This Sunday, we’ll think together about prayers and presence.

“Blind Bartimaeus,” as we call him because it’s an easy handle on what made him Biblically famous (not because anyone should be reduced to one distinctive attribute), knew about prayers and presence (see his story in Mark 10:46-52). We’ll explore together what he can teach us.

During the 11:15 service, we’ll be led in worship by Central’s children. It’s our annual Children’s Sunday, which is a beautiful reminder to us of the gifts we have in the children of our church. It’s also a reminder to the children that participation in worship and contribution to the church isn’t something you graduate into; their service has already begun.

Sunday evening we’ll have another opportunity to be together, this time reconnecting with our friends and neighbors from Cumberland UMC. We will gather at Timrod Park at 5 p.m. – park near the tennis courts and look for the tables to the right (west) of the courts – for the Fall Fair/C-Unity Event. We’ll have a short time of devotion in the stage area behind (south of) the tennis courts soon after five that will include a liturgical dance by FMU students. After that, lots of good food and fun for all ages. A lot of good preparation has gone into this and our deepening relationships with Cumberland have been a source of joy for many of us over the years. This casual gathering will be another wonderful evening together.

I hope to see you in worship Sunday morning and at Timrod Sunday afternoon. Another great Sunday ahead!