The Schofield Library

The Schofield Library was established due to the benevolence of the late Dr. John Schofield. Dr. Schofield felt strongly that our church should have a superior library with the mission of promoting and supporting Bible research and study and also to provide a firm basis for all phases of Christian education. It was his wish that a strong collection presenting scripture knowledge and ethical conduct of life be maintained for our children and youth. We pursue those objectives as we purchase books and other resources and plan programs for our congregation. Contributions of religious and secular books are accepted, although secular books are kept as need and space allow.

The Schofield Library is always open to opportunities for special groups. We have recently, in cooperation with the All4Autism group, established a collection for special needs and disabilities in our church and community. We provide a collection for caregivers and are in the process of recognizing our veterans, particularly those who served in World War II. There is at present an active team of volunteers working to organize a comprehensive archives collection.

We welcome and encourage all our church family to visit and use these extraordinary resources which will be found in very few places of worship. The library is open during all church hours and is staffed on Wednesday afternoons and Sunday mornings. For questions or assistance, please call Mary Davidson at 843-665-6828.

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