What is Confirmation and what is it NOT?

Confirmation refers to the decision a person makes to respond to God’s grace with intentional commitment, publicly reaffirming his/her baptismal vows before the congregation. Confirmation is not required for church membership. People join the church at their baptism and become a professing member at confirmation. Confirmation does not have to happen at a certain age, but Jr. High and older youth are encouraged to go through the Confirmation Preparation Process (CPP) prior to making their first public profession of faith. Confirmation is not a one-time occurrence, but the first time is a milestone in a person’s life. Youth do not learn everything they need to know about the Bible, the church, their faith, and how to be a “good” Christian during the Confirmation Preparation Process. Confirmation is part of a life-long journey of faith and understanding. 

What will the Confirmation Preparation Process (CPP) include?

The CPP is the Jr. High Youth Ministry at Central UMC! Yep, all of it! Theologically speaking, a person’s CPP begins at their baptism. A young person can still participate in CPP and be confirmed if he/she was not baptized as an infant or has not yet been baptized. Just tell Nate McMurphy if your young person has not been baptized. During Jr. High Ministry, the main goal is “to help youth make commitments to become disciples of Jesus Christ.” CPP is an intentional combination of acquiring knowledge and having experiences. Christians are not born… they are nurtured throughout life. Each component of the CPP process is important and should be a priority not only to the youth participants, but also to the whole family. The combination of knowledge and experience is achieved through the following methods:

Teaching Sessions - CPP participants are strongly encouraged to attend the 9 teaching sessions throughout the year. The classes will cover critical information about church history, UMC history, theology, worship, Scripture, service. The knowledge that is learned will help each youth deepen their personal faith and help them verbalize that faith. 

Retreats – Christianity is not a solitary religion. That means that no one can be a Christian alone, and therefore being a part of a community of faith is important. During the fall and spring retreats, participants will have the opportunity to grow closer as a group as well as spend time focusing on important CPP themes that are best taught in a retreat setting. 

Mentoring & Small Groups - Each CPP participant will be paired with a trained adult lay leader of CUMC who will serve as their mentor during their CPP experience. Nate McMurphy has compiled a list of CUMC adult members who are willing to serve as CPP mentors.

Service - Each CPP participant is challenged to engage in service experiences throughout the year and then as often as possible throughout the rest of their lives. Over the course of CPP, the participants are encouraged to engage in a minimum of 15 hours of service or mission.

Worship - CPP participants are encouraged to attend CUMC Sunday morning worship on a regular basis. There will be multiple opportunities for CPP participants to attend non-CUMC worship services.

For more information about the confirmation preparation process, contact Nate McMurphy or call the church office at 843-662-3218.

Learn more about the United Methodist Church’s beliefs about confirmation here.