Central Cross Connection Groups (CCC)

The book of Acts describes the early Church as a group of people gathered in worship of God and service to Christ and his Kingdom. These early Christians met in homes and cared for one another, studying Scriptures, praying for each other, and making certain that everyone had what he or she needed. 

This model of common ministry didn't end when churches grew to hold thousands of members. Central is a large congregation, but we are not impersonal or indifferent. We realize that God has brought us together to share in common ministry, to worship fully, and to care for one another so that we are empowered to serve Christ and his Kingdom.

Central Cross Connection (CCC) will help us continue to improve our connections as people who have accepted Christ’s call to take up the cross.

CCC groups are affinity-based, meaning you will not be assigned to one, but encouraged to form or join a small group (10-12 members) that regularly meets to check in, study, fellowship, and pray together.

These groups meet around a particular topic of the group’s choosing. Don’t limit your imagination - groups have formed around faith and film, service work, current events, marriage, and parenting. Groups have also formed around hobbies like photography.


Find your niche, invite others and make it happen!

Check out the CCC groups below and click the Register button to join one today! 


Paper Crafting group

Are you interested in getting together at Central for paper crafting, card making, and scrapbooking? Dates and times for meeting will be determined based on the agreement of the group.

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